Gambling In Utah

Gambling In Utah
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If you love gambling and visiting casinos, then on first look it may not seem as though there is much to interest you in the state of Utah. Gambling legislation is not the friendliest towards casinos here, but that does not mean that you cannot find any opportunities to go gambling in Utah – and if you know where to look you can actually have quite an entertaining time here. We will start with poker rooms, as there are at least two in the state offering the Texas Hold ‘Em style of play.

Originally there were three poker rooms, but The Big SLC in Sandy was recently closed down by local officials. Still, if you are in the Layton area then you will be able to attend Club Full House, and if you make it down to Orem then you will be able to play at The Flop House alongside some great players and friendly wait staff. There are allegedly a large number of illegal poker rooms in the state as well, but we would not go so far as to encourage you to look for those – remember that you are taking your criminal record into your own hands if you attempt something like that!

If bingo is your thing then you are also in luck as there are a few good bingo halls in Utah. These operate within a loophole in the law, which works like this: when you go into the hall, you pay a fee which relates to your meal, and within this you receive a free bingo card that you can play with. Therefore this does not legally count as gambling, as you are not paying money to play the game! Prosecutors did try to shut down one of these places in 2005, as they argued that the meals were set at an expensive price that did not represent the worth of the meals alone, but in the end the bingo hall won the right to stay open and this is a precedent that has secured the future of similar parlours.

If you do not like bingo or poker but still want to go gambling in Utah, what can you do? Well, there is only one place in this state where you can access a variety of games like slot machines, keno, blackjack, roulette, and just about anything else that you can think of all in the same place: the internet! Heading over to an online casino could provide you with the chance to play your favourite game for as little or as short a time as you like, and of course you get to avoid things like the entrance fee or dress code. You could just sit quite comfortably in your hotel room or whatever kind of accommodation you have, ordering room service when you need it and playing to your heart’s content. Sure, you will not get out to see much of Utah if you take this approach, but when you want to gamble, you just have to get online!

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