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Walking Dead Slot Game

The slot machine game developers Aristocrat have brought the undead hordes to our casinos, in the form of the new Walking Dead slot game. This slot machine takes inspiration from the hit television show, and while it may not be available at casinos in Texas there are plenty of locations across the US which are planning to introduce the machines to their line up. These include the California San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, and many more in between. With $500,000 jackpot, this is one game that you will certainly be looking into playing if you are a fan of the show. (more…)

Microgaming Launches Quickfire Achievements

Microgaming have begun 2014 in real style, after announcing the new players achievements feature which will be integrated into the Quickfire platform. Whether you are playing at online casinos in Tennessee or elsewhere around the world, you will be able to get access to these achievements where you can collect badges and trophies. It compliments, so long as you are playing games through the Quickfire platform – and since there are a huge amount of online casinos which already use this software, and there are sure to be more when they see this new edition, it should not be difficult at all to find one to play at. (more…)

Prime Casino Relaunch

One exciting piece of news that we heard this week is that the Prime Casino has officially been relaunched, complete with an all-new site, official rebranding, and an increase welcome bonus package to encourage players to come back. If you are looking for casinos in South Dakota to play at that this could be an excellent option, as this online casino has a new site fully powered by Microgaming which has been carefully designed to adhere to the online casino teams dedication to high quality gaming and the use of all of the latest developments in technology to create something special. (more…)

New Social Casino Slots-O-Luck

The innovative social gaming company Gamzio Mobile Inc are proud to announce the fact that their mobile slots game Slots-O-Luck Adventure has now been launched to players in fifty-eight countries around the world, according to Jason Deiboldt, the Chief Executive officer of the company. This mobile and social casino has something that cannot be matched by casinos in South Carolina, as it is utterly unique and offers some of the best opportunities for playing mobile games in a social manner with a gambling aspect which is sure to appeal to everyone who tries it no matter where they are around the world. (more…)

Twin River Buys Hard Rock

The parent company of Twin River, one of the two casinos in Rhode Island, have recently announced that they have struck a deal to buy another gambling venue to add to their portfolio – the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi. They have put the deal through for $250 million, and the idea is that they are building up their casino business in order to prepare for the arrival of casinos in nearby Massachusetts which might impact on their Rhode Island revenue figures. This acquisition will be a feather in their cap which could allow them to seriously start profiting all the more. (more…)

Philadelphia Casinos Timeline

Sometimes it is necessary to look back to the past in order to figure out what is happening at the moment, and that is certainly the case with the two Philadelphia casinos in Pennsylvania and the saga which is unravelling around them. Looking at the timeline of how these two casinos have developed, we can see that there has been a lot of unrest and a lot of disruption throughout the process of getting them up and running, and that perhaps explains the situation which we are currently in regarding gambling in the state. Here we can take you through from the very beginning to see how it all played out. (more…)

New All Slots Mobile Titles

If you are looking for something new to play on your mobile phone because of the fact that you cannot play at land-based casinos in Oregon, then All Slots Casino has come up with something that you are certainly going to love. They have just released two new games for their cutting-edge mobile platform, which is available on just about any mobile device or tablet and will give you the chance to enjoy high quality graphics as well as generous bonus rounds and features which will keep you excited while you wait for the big win to come your way. (more…)

New Spartania Slot Released

GR88 Casino have just launched a new slot machine game which puts most of the land-based slot games that you would find at casinos in Oklahoma to shame, as Spartania contains fantastic graphics and animations themed around the idea of an ancient battle. This is a five reel and thirty pay line slot machine game which features Spartan and Roman warriors, including the mighty Caesar himself, all animated in 3-D illustrations. This is a seriously interesting game with a lot going for it, and plenty of bonus features to which mean that you can get the chance to win more than before. (more…)

Casino Plans Advancing Already

It has not been too long since we told you about the introduction of the first four casinos in Ohio, which were a massive success as soon as they were launched and were in fact welcomed by the majority of people across the state. The success of those venues was enough to mean that eight casinos are now placed throughout the state, some of them connected to racetracks and others standing alone. However, it seems that the lawmakers and regulators in Ohio are not quite done yet – as there are plans to open yet more casinos which are still under development. (more…)

Top Must Read Poker Books

If you are dreaming about becoming a professional poker player, then the first step is not just to head out to some casinos in North Dakota and see whether you can beat the locals. Physical practice is always a good thing and might give you the better chances of doing well once you have a lot of experience and your belt, but it is very important that you know what you are doing before you start to play for real cash because otherwise you could stand to lose quite a bit. You can read up on some of the top most useful poker books before you start if you really want to know what you are doing.

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells by Mike Caro clocks in at 320 pages, and was published in the 1980s to start off the poker book craze. He is a friend and business associate of Doyle Brunson, and he brought the super system into the spotlight more than two decades ago, all of which should tell you that he knows a thing or two about poker. This book tells you about the instinctive and subconscious psychology of tells, letting you know how to pick up on the signals and how to do the opposite of what your opponents think you will do. This will really help you to do well in a land-based poker games. Then there is the Book of Bluffs by Matt Lessinger, which is 256 pages long and tells you about Bluffs that can be used to win just about any game. The author is a professional poker player and columnist who knows all that there is to know about getting your opponents fold no matter how strong his hand is. This book will teach you about the artistry and timing of bluffing. Next up you could try Harrington on Hold ‘em, which comes in volumes I, II, and III, at a total of more than 300 pages each. Written by Dan Harrington and Bill Robertie, it is one strategy guide broken down into three parts.

Volume one is called strategic play and centres on how to survive the early and middle stages in no limit Texas hold ‘em tournaments. Volume 2 is endgame, and is all about the way to optimise your betting patterns and vary your style to react the right way when it counts the most. Volume 3 is the workbook, and allows you to put into practice the strategies and techniques which were taught in the previous two volumes, taking real poker professionals from the business and getting into them minds to see how they think. You might also try the Theory of Poker by David Slansky, which is 300 pages long and offers theories and concepts on almost every variation of poker – including five card hi, seven card Stud, lowball draw, Texas hold ‘em, and razz. Finally you might read the e-book Sit*N*Go* Pro by Bryan Micon, which is 200 pages long and accompanied by a DVD.

  • Top 5 USA Gambling Cities

  • 1
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2
    Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • 3
    Reno, Nevada
  • 4
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 5
    Biloxi, Mississippi

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