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Atlantic Club Closure Finalised

It was the end of an era in Atlantic City, as the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel finally closed down after announcing bankruptcy in November and having been unable to find a buyer for the last few years. It was really a sign of the times that gambling in Atlantic City is no longer as profitable as it once was, and this is not the only casino in the city which is struggling. Customers and employees spent the last few hours at the casino on Sunday night, which closed just after midnight to say farewell to 33 years of history in preparation for being torn apart by the new buyers. (more…)

Vegas Year of the Horse

There are going to be plenty of celebrations for the Chinese New Year of the Horse in Las Vegas this year, so if you are in Nevada and you want to try something a little bit different than gambling in Las Vegas you can certainly head down to enjoy some of the celebrations. You would be sure to see symbolic decor around the city, traditional Chinese food and activities being served and enjoyed, and some traditional Chinese Dragon dances, which are all sure to be very entertaining indeed. The year of the Horse is said to be a superior year for travel, which means that if you have never been to Vegas before this might be the ideal time. (more…)

Wyoming Lottery Coming Soon

Residents in Wyoming may find that they are able to take part in a state lottery very soon, as new methods of gambling in Wyoming such as entering Powerball and mega millions draws could be only six months away. A new comment from the Wyoming Lottery Corporation suggests that they may be able to start selling lottery tickets in the state from June, according to the chief executive officer, Jon Clontz. He was speaking to the members of the Cheyenne Greater Chamber of Commerce, and also warned that the timeline for starting to sell the tickets might be moved back to as far as October, in the worst possible estimates. (more…)

Video Gambling in Wisconsin

One of the biggest success stories of 2013 has to have been the advent of video gambling in Wisconsin. The Mayor of Fox Lake, Donny Schmit, said that he had no idea what to expect when the first gambling machine came on in that village more than a year ago, but it turns out that everything that happened was far beyond the expectations even of those who were able to make a prediction. The astounding success of video gambling in the area is something that has really benefited the local people, bringing in a boost to the economy as well as giving more tax revenue to the government to spend on local improvements. (more…)

Joyland Casino Bonus News

There is nothing better than being able to add free money to your casino account when you are playing online, so if you are thinking about gambling in West Viriginia sometime soon you should really seek out the best options for big bonuses. We have some great news coming out of the Joyland Casino this week, as they have introduced some new bonus offers which will allow you to earn free cash just by making your deposit and placing your bets as you normally would. All you have to do is know how to get the most out of each deposit and play, and you will be cashing in quite hugely. (more…)

New Year, New Freeroll

There is never a good reason to turn down a free roll. These free to enter tournaments always offer a fantastic results, and the Crazy Vegas casino has just opened their first free roll slot tournament of 2014, which means that all online players who are gambling in Washington or other states – or even around the world – will be able to take part in this tournament absolutely for free with the chance to win a prize pool worth $25,000. It is all based around a thrilling Gold Factory slot machine game, so if you are looking for some real excitement to start your New Year off with a bang, this is surely it. (more…)

VIP Lounge Piles on Rewards

If you are looking for a real taste of class while you are playing online casino games and gambling in Virginia, then you should look no further than the VIP Lounge Casino, which is currently piling on a huge amount of new rewards for their players to enjoy. Created by Jackpot Factory, it stands head and shoulders above the competition in many ways, with an exclusive online gaming paradise which continues to raise the bar on gaming excellence for players around the world who are able to get access to the games. Fans of the casino site are very much getting excited to enjoy 2014 as players, and management have decided to share some of the most popular games from 2013 in order to look back on the year that has passed. (more…)

Reel Thunder at All Slots Mobile

There is no better way to try online slot machines for the very first time and are going for a title which is incredibly popular and has proven to be one of the best in the world. If you wish to try mobile slot gambling in Vermont, then there is currently a very fantastic option available for you which has just been launched for the first time – All Slots Casino has just added player favourite Reel Thunder to their line up of HD mobile games, giving players the opportunity to try the mobile version of this incredibly popular desktop game. (more…)

Horse Racing Online Opportunities

It seems as though there is one form of gambling which has really been ignored by the online market. Even though betting on horseracing is one of the few forms of gambling in Utah and other states which are considered to be more conservative, somehow we have failed to take advantage of the opportunity to bring class betting online in a more concentrated way. Horse betting is still something that is traditionally done and bookmakers or the racetracks themselves, but now it seems that there is a real opportunity to bring horseracing up-to-date and put the betting online in a more comprehensive manner. (more…)

MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller

If you are looking for something a little bit different which will really enhance the experience of mobile-based gambling in Tennessee, then you might wish to look into the new MOGA Mobile Gaming Controller, which is available now for Android and aims to change the face of portable smart phone gambling. It comes in the form of a detachable joystick for your smart phone, which will make touchscreen games a little bit more similar to the console games of yesterday. Some may feel that this is taking one step forward in order to take one step back, as it makes a return to a former form of gambling wargaming that we may have been used to before, but touchscreen gambling can feel a little restrictive – and this new joystick is very small and portable. (more…)

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    Las Vegas, Nevada
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    Atlantic City, New Jersey
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    Reno, Nevada
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    New Orleans, Louisiana
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    Biloxi, Mississippi

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