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Biloxi Casino Improvements Coming

Just like the rest of the Mississippi coast, there are improvements coming to each and every one of the casinos in Biloxi throughout 2014. The great news for those who are fans of these casinos is that they are getting upgrades, renovations, or new extensions built, which means that you can expect a much higher quality of gaming and a much better gaming experience in a setting which is more suited to the modern style of gambling. We are going to highlight a few of the changes which are being made here, so that you can look forward to them opening very soon. (more…)

How To Win Casino Money

We often hear stories from our readers, or information from other sources, about some of the beliefs which people tend to hold about gambling. The problem is that most of these beliefs tend to be fallacious, and if you are going to do well when you are playing at casinos in New Orleans then you need to bring your top game to the table. This means knowing exactly which myths to believe and which myths to avoid, so we are going to debunk a few things here today to help you win casino money on a more regular basis. (more…)

IGT Airport MegaJackpot

When we talk about huge jackpots being paid out through International Game Technology slot machine games, normally you would think that we are talking about casinos in Reno rather than other venues within the city. In this case, however, it seems that one lucky patron was playing at the Reno Tahoe International Airport when they saw the symbols on the reels lining up to give them the win of a lifetime, as they found a huge jackpot just before Christmas Eve. The lucky player was enjoying the Wheel of Fortune Spinning Reel Double 3X4X5X Times Pay game when they saw the payout flashing up on the screen: an amazing $533,828.85. (more…)

Atlantic City Hits New Low

There is more bad news for the casinos of New Jersey, after the revenue gained by all of the casinos in Atlantic City fell below the 3 billion mark in 2013 for the first time in twenty-two years. As increasing competition in the north-eastern US states continues to drink the market, figures released by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement showed that the casinos in the city only managed to take $2.86 billion in 2013, which is down from just over $3 billion in 2012, marking the seventh straight year of plunging revenue figures for the city. (more…)

Jerry’s Nugget Celebrates Big Anniversary

In an industry which is always changing, one of the things which we are always reporting about is the closure or reopening or rebranding of different casinos in Las Vegas. It seems that every single week there is an announcement of another one making a change, but while the rest of the industry might be all about changing as fast as possible, one casino in Las Vegas is celebrating a family-owned tradition this week. Jerry’s Nugget Casino is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, having opened back in 1964 at a time when gambling was a very different matter to the way that it is today. (more…)

Gambling Battle of the Sexes

If you were able to step inside some land-based casinos in Wyoming, what would you expect to see? Many people would hack back to the images from famous films of a group of men stood around the poker table or during the craps dice, smoking cigars, and drinking the finest possible scotch. However, stereotypes are not always correct, and a recent infographic released by Jackpot247 suggests that the idea of gambling being something that is predominantly reserved for men is completely and utterly wrong these days. The study was carried out in the UK which shows the gender split for gambling is a lot more even than we would have thought. (more…)

Legislators Want Kenosha Casino

Legislators are calling on Governor Scott Walker to make the decision to approve the advent of casinos in Wisconsin, after a report which showed that the Kenosha and Racine counties are lagging behind in terms of construction jobs. The idea is that the casino could bring in a huge amount of new construction jobs to those areas, as well as allowing for more permanent jobs after the casino was completed, solving a problem for the people of the areas who are struggling to find work and need a new way to support their families. Several area Democratic legislators have sent letters, as well as representatives calling upon him directly to make up his mind. (more…)

GameAccount and Konami Deal

The casino technology company GameAccount Work has recently formed a strategic partnership with the Japanese arcade gaming giant Konami which will benefit both sides. Rather than looking at the debate over casinos in West Virginia, those who are interested in the future of online casino gambling should turn towards this kind of deal, which brings online and land-based operators together in order to create something that can be used by both. Not only will GameAccount be bringing Konami’s games to the online platform, but they will also be deploying the existing land-based games which the company owns to operators using the Konami Synkros gaming enterprise management system. (more…)

Improvements For National Harbor

As the plans proceed for a new Ferris wheel to be built overlooking the Potomac River from the four billion-dollar area known as National Harbor, many are questioning as to whether the time really is right to add huge fairground attractions and casinos in Washington. The $15 million, 175 foot tall Ferris wheel will be opened in April, allowing visitors to take 12 to 15 minute rides overlooking the whole area, which is a huge contrast to the city which is known for a monumental skyline made of granite and cast-iron. It will be a real contrast to what people normally expect, but for the developers behind the project, that is the whole point. (more…)

Virginia Casino Discussion Underway

It looks as though 2014 might just be the year that we at last see legislation allowing for the construction of casinos in Virginia. This year, there is a bill going for the house of assembly which will ask for permission to allow gambling of a casino nature in Hampton Roads. As one of only twenty states that does not yet have any casinos within its borders, and with many of those other states already considering casino builds as well, this could bring Virginia right up to date with the state of the industry elsewhere, as well as allowing for bigger revenue boosts in terms of taxes and local economy. (more…)

  • Top 5 USA Gambling Cities

  • 1
    Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2
    Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • 3
    Reno, Nevada
  • 4
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 5
    Biloxi, Mississippi

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