Gambling In Massachusetts

Gambling In Massachusetts
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If you are thinking about going to Massachusetts and perhaps making some bets or you live there and need a gambling fix, unfortunately now is not a good time to experience some gambling fun. There was one casino boat that operated in the area, run by Horizons Edge Casino Cruises, which sailed out three miles into international waters to avoid the anti-gambling laws of the state, but that closed down in 2009 and does not look set to reopen at all. So unfortunately gambling in Massachusetts is limited to online casino gambling.

The good news is that change is underfoot, and if you can delay your trip for a little while you could be in luck after all. The state Governer, Deval Patrick, finally signed a bill in late 2011 that allowed the legalisation of casinos in Massachusetts, and now things are underway to get those much needed casinos into the state and stir up a bit of tourism for the area. The law has been set to allow licenses for three casinos and one slot parlour, and in order to make sure everything would run fairly and properly it was first necessary to set up a state gambling commission, made up of five members. Now that that is in place, the deliberations are going forward to pick the winning casino bidders and put regulations in place, a process that hopefully will not take very long at all. It is expected that we will see any new casinos at the earliest in late 2013, and due to the nature of these projects it is perhaps more realistic to imagine them opening in 2014 instead.

Also, do not be disheartened if you absolutely have to go to Massachusetts now and are wondering how on earth you are going to spend your time if you cannot go to any casinos. There are several other states nearby that you can try (Vermont, Maine, New York, New Hampshire, and Connecticut are all within a reasonable distance, as well as Rhode Isalnd), and you will of course be able to find plenty of other attractions to occupy your time within the state. If it absolutely has to be gambling, then do not worry: just make sure that you take a laptop with you and can find somewhere to access free Wi-Fi, or else be prepared to visit a internet cafe, and you will easily be able to get onto online casinos while you are staying here. While these may not be able to create the same atmosphere that you will find in land based casinos, you can get better jackpots and more frequent payouts so perhaps it will be worthwhile getting into playing at these kinds of places for the long run! You need not worry about legal issues as there are many casinos that accept US players or players who are temporarily in the US, so whether you are visiting Massachusetts for business or pleasure you can still keep up with your favourite pastime while you are there. This solution will take away all of your worries with a simple convenience that you just cannot beat with any casino!

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