Counterfeit Casino Money

Police were called on three separate occasions in regards to counterfeit casino money last week, in what seems to be a spate of fakes showing up at the Parx Casino in Pennsylvania. On December the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, cashiers at the casino reported finding what they suspected to be fake bills that customers were attempting to cash in for chips. In the first incident, on the 21st, it was a $20 that was discovered and this was soon proven to be fake after further investigation. On the 22nd it was two $5 bills for a total of $10 which were prevented from being put into circulation in the casino’s coffers, and it went from one extreme to another on the 23rd when it was a $100 bill that was stopped after a cashier became suspicious.

It is not know whether there is any link between the three customers, or whether they were using them without the knowledge that they had been faked. Police have taken the fake bills as evidence and will no doubt subject them to a thorough analysis to discover where they came from and how long they have been around for, as they look into the customers that used them and where they could have got hold of them.

It may well be that these are three coincidental but unrelated incidents of individuals trying their luck as they attempt to make it lucky in time for a more spectacular Christmas, but on the other hand it may be a symptom of a serious problem which is about to raise its head. If you are living or staying currently in the area around the Parx Casino we advise you to check any bills that you receive as change from local businesses or even cash machines, as there may be more forgeries going around – and if the police take them from you as evidence when you try to spend them then you will not be reimbursed, so it is better to check first rather than be sorry later on when they are taken from you.

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